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FNF European Future Conference: We need to take away the fear of freedom

Liberal International, ELF , vrijdag 09 december 2016

German Federal President Joachim Gauck quoted one of the most influential [liberal] thinkers of his generation, Ralf Dahrendorf, who in a "prophetic speech" in 1997 warned that globalisation might "produce more authoritarian than liberal constitutions.” This is the challenge which the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (LI cooperating organisation) aimed to answer with the "Re-Shaping Europe" European Future Conference in Berlin this week.

The Federal President told the audience that included guests and representatives from across the world: "We need to take away the fear of freedom." In the words of President Gauck “it is about bringing Europe back into shape and holding it”.

The ALDE Party President and LI President of Honour Hans van Baalen MEP called for Europe that listens the genuine problems of the people and governments that represent wider segments of society. “We need a stronger government in Germany, that includes also the liberal voice of FDP,” said van Baalen.

"CETA is a liberal, progressive trade agreement that can inspire new deals with other partners", says Hans van Baalen

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