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Howard Dean delivers Ll Isaiah Berlin Lecture in London

Liberal International, ALDE Party , maandag 22 februari 2016

On Monday 22 February Liberal International (LI) hosted their latest Isaiah Berlin Lecture in London with former US presidential nominee, board member of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and governor of Vermont Howard Dean as keynote speaker. President Hans van Baalen MEP represented the ALDE Party at the event together with ALDE Party Secretary General Jacob Moroza-Rasmussen.

Hans van Baalen greeting Howard Dean

The American liberal-democrat delivered a lecture on the US presidential elections and the future of liberal democracy to an audience of prominent parliamentarians, media and members of the public before taking questions.

Howard Dean has recently launched a project called "The Future of Political Parties" in Washington DC. "As with any type of organisation, political parties must change with the times and grow to better serve the people they aim to represent," said the former Chairman of the US Democrats.

During the lecture, Howard Dean added: "US Democrats, Liberal International and ALDE are politically as close as they can be."

For further information, you can take a look at the Liberal International's website.

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