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LI President of Honour moves EU to fight for Anwar Ibrahim

Liberal International , donderdag 30 april 2015

Responding to Mr. Van Baalen’s question regarding what concrete steps the High Representative would undertake to ensure Mr Anwar’s release, the High Representative affirmed that the sentence ‘poses a violation of international human rights norms’. In attempting to resolve the situation, she committed herself to continuing to bring up the EU’s concerns on the proper implementation of human rights law in the Malaysian legal system in all high-level meetings with the government of the south-east Asian country.

Early this year when the news of the final sentence of Anwar Ibrahim broke, LI President Dr. Juli Minoves responded with a strong statement saying that Anwar had been “the victim of a politically motivated legal battle that has made a mockery of the independence of the courts in [Malaysia].”

“There is a clear collusion of government attempts to silence and neutralize Anwar Ibrahim and a court system that has been happy to oblige”, the LI President said when condemning the sentence.

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