Liberal International

Statement from LI President of Honour on EU association agreements

Hans van Baalen, President of Honour Liberal International , dinsdag 01 juli 2014

Liberal International’s President of Honour, Hans van Baalen MEP, of LI full member VVD, has released a statement on behalf of LI full member ALDE Group in the European Parliament, welcoming the association agreements signed between the European Union and Ukraine, Moldava and Georgia.

The LI President of Honour said:

“The association agreements will be of crucial economic and political importance for both sides and will make Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia less dependent on Russia.

“They are, however, not directed against Russia but make clear that Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are to be treated as sovereign states, which themselves will determine their relations with both the West and the East.

“The so-called principle of ‘Near Abroad’ that would give Russia certain political rights in the countries which belonged in the past to the Soviet Union simply does not exist.

“Russian leader Putin should mind his own business.”