Liberal International

Presidential Statement on political crisis in Venezuela

Liberal International , zaterdag 22 maart 2014

LI President, Hans van Baalen MEP, has called on the government of Venezuela to end the persecution of Opposition leaders in his country, including Maria Corina Machado, as more parliamentarians are threatened with politically-motivated charges.


The Statement reads:

• Liberal International has high regard for the tireless work of Maria Corina Machado toward democracy and freedom for all in Venezuela, respect of civil liberties and restoration of democratic rule of law in her fatherland

• We are appalled that the parliamentary majority wants to prosecute her for political reasons. Such actions in democracy are unacceptable

• We are highly concerned about the increasing number of political prisoners in Venezuela and we expect the regional organisations to react firmly

The LI President's demand builds on his earlier concern for the deteriorating situation in Venezuela, which he raised in the European Parliament and a statement released in collaboration with LI cooperating organisation, RELIAL.