Liberal International

Government must end persecution of the Opposition Leader

Liberal International , dinsdag 11 maart 2014

"News of the renewed imprisonment of the Malaysian Leader of the Opposition, Anwar Ibrahim, is highly worrying. This decision is a blow to all of us who thought that Malaysia was on a course to fully democratise itself. The continuous cases against Mr. Anwar Ibrahim are nothing but a campaign of harassment by the government and an attempt to maintain power outside of the ballot box", said Hans van Baalen MEP, LI President.

President Van Baalen continued: "The government of Malaysia cannot hide before the words of an 'independent judiciary'. Too many credible international reports indicate the strong links between the government and the judiciary. The timing of the decision ahead of crucial provincial elections, where Mr. Anwar was a key contestant, makes it all the more obvious that this is a politically motivated act. It is political persecution".

LI President concluded: "The ruling government in Kuala Lumpur must know that this decision will not only further polarise Malaysian society, but will have a bad effect on its image in the world, including among the business community and investors. I urge on the authorities to end the harassment of the Opposition Leader. The government does have influence in this case - it can put an end to it by simply repealing the laws that are used as a pretext for the harassment of Mr. Anwar, and thus join the democratic community of nations that fully respect Human Rights. All other excuses won't work."