Liberal International

Nothing legitimizes de-facto Russian intervention of Crimea, says LI President

Statement Hans van Baalen, President Liberal International , maandag 03 maart 2014

LI President, Hans van Baalen MEP, who has been on three missions to Ukraine over the past weeks and supported Maidan and the moderate politicians in and outside the Ukrainian parliament (the Rada), has said nothing legitimizes the de-facto Russian military intervention on the Crimea.

"First: In 1994 Russia, together with the US and the UK, signed a Memorandum guaranteeing the borders of Ukraine in Budapest, including the Crimea.

"Second: no harm has been done to the Russian speaking Ukrainians, wherever they live in Ukraine, or to other minorities such as the Crimean Tartars. The unwise withdrawal of the language laws has been annulled.

"Third: Russian interests, such as the use of the port of Sebastopol by the Russian Black Sea Fleet, are secured by treaty.

"The international community must condemn the Russian de-facto intervention and must consider a strong reaction if Russia follows its example in Georgia. The USA and the EU must work closely together. The cost for Putin to violate international law will be high."

The LI President thanks the Yabloko leadership for it clear statements, which condemn Putin's "Near Abroad" policy and actions.