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European liberals move parliament to adopt strong resolution on Venezuela

Liberal International , donderdag 27 februari 2014

At the initiative of LI cooperating organisation, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), the European Parliament has adopted a strong resolution calling for an immediate end to the increasing violence in Venezuela, and a parliamentary delegation to assess the situation on the ground as soon as possible.

Put forward by leading Members of the European parliament, including LI President Hans van Baalen MEP and Member of the LI Human Rights Committee Marietje Schaake MEP, the resolution raises concern at the arrests of students and opposition leaders.

The resolution calls for the “immediate release” of these groups, and “reminds the Venezuelan Government of its obligation to ensure the security of all citizens in the country, regardless of their political views and affiliations.” The resolution presses “the Venezuelan authorities to immediately disarm and dissolve uncontrolled, armed, pro-government groups and to put an end to their impunity.” The European Parliament reminds the Venezuelan government to act in line with its own constitution, and “calls for clarification regarding the deaths that have occurred so that the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.”

Last week, the Regional Liberal Network for Latin America RELIAL (LI cooperating organisation) published a statement in both Spanish and English that “demands peace, justice and freedom for Venezuela”. LI President Hans van Baalen MEP strongly supported RELIAL’s message, suggesting the government in Caracas “not be inspired by the misery of the Cuban people, [but] make sure Venezuela [has] a rich and satisfied people.”

European Parliament resolution on the situation in Venezuela