Liberal International

Verhofstadt and Rehn to jointly lead ALDE in European Elections

Liberal International , dinsdag 21 januari 2014

LI President Hans van Baalen MEP and Alexander Lambsdorff MEP have assisted Dutch and German delegations, led liberal leaders Mark Rutte and Christian Linder, to broker a deal for a liberal candidate to run for the top job in the European Parliament.

The LI President aided Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte of LI full member VVD while Alexander Lambsdorff MEP supported Christian Linder, the leader of LI full member FDP, in negotiating the deal between ALDE Group (LI full member) leader Guy Verhofstadt and European Commissioner Olli Rehn. Verhofstadt and Rehn will join forces and lead the European liberals in the upcoming elections, with Verhofstadt standing as the candidate for European Commissioner and Rehn to be the top candidate for other EU functions in the field of the economy and foreign affairs.

The LI President, who was part of the delegation, commented on the deal: “I see the combination of the political heavyweight and effective campaigner, Verhofstadt, and the economically solid Rehn as a liberal dream team.”

Leader of the ALDE Party, Sir Graham Watson MEP, added: “The candidates agree to campaign vigorously together. I am convinced that Europe's Liberal Democrats will fight an effective and successful campaign for a more Liberal Europe.”

The vote for the new president of the European Commission will take place in May 2014.