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LI President Asks European Commision to Support Unity in Egypt

Liberal International , vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

LI President Hans van Baalen has, in his capacity as ALDE MEP, asked the European Commission to support the liberal democratic centre in Egypt. President Van Baalen commented: "Mohamed ElBaradei and other liberal politicians should unite and should be respected by the Egyptian interim-government and the military. They and moderates from all sides, should be invited to a national dialogue.

When united, the centre can play a vital role in avoiding a civil war fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist groups." President Van Baalen deplores and condemns the violence in Egypt.

He continued: "former president Morsi and his followers are responsible for the derailing of the Arab Spring. The international community has to demand the protection of the rights of minorities. This includes the Egyptian Christians who face heavy persecution by muslim extremists. The Egyptian authorities have to protect innocent civilians. The leadership of Muslim organisations should take a firm stand against religious violence."

In a statement earlier this year, LI President  said that “Morsi did not succeed in being a president for all Egyptians, as he failed to protect the rights of minorities in the country”.