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LI President addresses European Foreign Policy

Liberal International , vrijdag 07 juni 2013

LI President Hans van Baalen MEP welcomed in his office in Brussels Antonio Rodiles, leader of the liberal Cuban opposition in exile.

Van Baalen said: “The regime of Raúl Castro barely enjoys any legitimacy among the Cuban population. Castro’s much limited programme of economic reform has almost no effect. As a liberal I am in favour of lifting the American embargo on trade with Cuba, and call for more political reform in the country.

Creating more free trade with and on Cuba is the only way of improving the situation on the island”. He pledged to pressure the EU to include representatives from the Cuban opposition in the Cuba-EU dialogue. Rodies commented after the meeting: “Having the support of the Liberal International means a lot and sends the right signals to the government in Havana.” LI President Hans van Baalen MEP also addressed Europe’s Foreign Policy at ALDE Summer Academy. The situation in Cuba is high on the agenda of LI's Human Rights work, having presented an oral intervention at the 22nd UNHRC session and a written statement at the 23rd UNHRC session.