Liberal International

LI at European Liberal Democrat Congress in Dublin

Liberal International , vrijdag 16 november 2012

LI delegation led by President Hans van Baalen MEP attended the annual Congress of ELDR (now ALDE Party) in Dublin, Ireland. In his Congress address LI President said: 'The proverb 'small is beautiful' does not apply to politics. 'Size matters'! We need a stronger ALDE Group in the EP and a stronger ELDR Party. LI has proven that one can enlarge and still maintain its liberal core values.

At our Abidjan Congress a stronger, a more African, more Arab, more Asian, more Central and East European and more Latin American LI presented itself to the wider public. We maintain our core values: free market, strengthened by individual freedoms, human rights, civil liberties and rule of law. I take politics as rugby, not as tennis. We want to win; to participate is not enough. If LI, given the experiences with fiscal austerity across the world, might advise ALDE on attracting more voters, it is better not to campaign for a bigger budget during crisis but to fight for a better budget without outdated subsidies. A lean and mean EU will be more attractive than a bureacratic one. Europe needs more liberals!' Part of LI delegation were past LI President Lord Alderdice, VPs on the LI Bureau Abir Al-Sahlani MP and Dzhevdet Chakarov MP, Treasurer Robert Woodthorpe Browne.