Liberal International

LI President congratulates Georgian Dream on the election landslide

Hans van Baalen, president Liberal International , woensdag 03 oktober 2012

Hans van Baalen MEP, Liberal International President, welcomed the free and democratic elections in the Republic of Georgia and congratulated the leaders of the Georgian Dream Coalition, Bidzina Ivanishvili and David Usupashvili, on the landslide election victory. LI President paid respect to the fact that President Mikheil Saakashvili has directly acknowledged the defeat of the United National Movement.

In a letter to the leaders of Georgian Dream, LI President said: “It is with great enthusiasm that I learned of these important developments in a country that plays such a vital role for the security both of the wider region and of the world. With great satisfaction I think back of the outcome of the Study Visit to Georgia that Liberal International undertook last May in close cooperation with the leadership of Georgian Dream. I am confident that I speak for all of the member organisations that participated in our fact-finding mission that Liberal International will remain actively seized of developments in Georgia, and will be committed to maintain and to strengthen the excellent relationship.”

'Although the election campaign has been waged with great ardour on both sides, the peaceful handing over of power establishes Georgia as a mature democracy with a functioning civil society. The responsibility to ensure a free, prosperous and undeniably democratic future for all people in Georgia now lies firmly in the capable hands of the leadership of the liberal-democratic Georgian Dream coalition”, says the letter of the LI President.

LI President expressed strong hopes that there will be a swift and transparent transfer of power and that the co-habitation of the President and the new Prime Minister from the Georgian Dream coalition will be in the interest of the people of Georgia.

Liberal International has invited the leaders of the Georgian Dream to the 58th Congress of Liberal International in Abidjan on 17-21 October 2012.