Liberal International

LI Bureau Convenes Ahead of Abidjan Congress

Liberal International , vrijdag 21 september 2012

The leadership of Liberal International, under the presidency of Hans van Baalen MEP, assembled in London, UK to finalize the political preparations for the 58th Congress in Abidjan on 17-21 October. Under the patronage of the Ivorian President H.E. Alassane Ouattara, the Congress is set to be a milestone both in terms of political debates and global outreach.

The Bureau also assessed current political developments around the world, debating with great concern the cases of violent unrest in the aftermath of the publication of a movie considered by a number of Muslims as a grave insult to their religious feelings. Whilst in the Netherlands Liberals have won the confidence of the electorate, the economic crisis in the rest of Europe has had a severe impact on the future outlook of the continent, as witnessed lately by the demonstrations in the Catalan capital Barcelona. The Bureau recalled that solutions can be found only through open and persistent dialogue. IFLRY (LI full-member) President Thomas Leys was a guest at the meeting upon the invitation of the LI President.